Sports Program

The Police Athletic League has enhanced its athletic programs with the completion of the new Gymnasium/Civic Center.  PAL now offers recreational and competitive Basketball, Tackle Football, Flag Football, Soccer, Boxing and Cheerleading programs.  PAL teaches skills such as the importance of fair play, working as a team player, and good sportsmanship. Included in these programs are lessons on nutrition and the importance of physical conditioning. The athletic programs are scheduled in conjunction with a particular sport season. Registration is open to the public for children between the ages of five and sixteen, pending on the particular sport. Tackle Football and Cheerleading Registration is ongoing for Tackle Football and Cheerleaders.  Cost is $225.00 for Football players and Cheerleaders. Kid Fit Camp

Our Kid Fit program is a special sports-exercise program for children 5-14 years old.  This program challenges your child's dexterity. quickness, coordination and strength. Kid's that participate in the Kid Fitness camp can apply the fees paid for the camp toward their registration fees for Football/Cheer programs.

So come unplug and play

 Kid Fit Camp will starts: May 15th

From 4pm-6pm


at 1924 N. Diana St.


Sports Provided

  • Tackle Football
  • Cheer
  • Winter Basketball
  • Spring Basketball
  • Boxing