PAL Statements

Mission Statement

To provide programs to children within our community to serve as a crime prevention enterprise, specifically targeting the prevention of juvenile crime through education and building self esteem through team sports.  

Vision Statement

  • To foster and encourage in the youth of the community a spirit of loyalty and faith in American traditions and institutions.
  • To participate actively in constructive movements and endeavors for the promotion and safeguarding of the interest and general welfare of the youth of the community.
  • To educate and train youth in the knowledge of various forms of art, both physical, athletic, and cultural, in literature, music, sports and public speaking.
  • To promote the spirit of benevolence, friendship, sociability, good will and tolerance among the youth of the community.
  • To instill in the youth of the community good health habits, good sportsmanship, and high moral and civic standards.
  • To engage in such other purposes incidental and kindred to those above-mentioned as will further and promote youth programs in and around the City of Tampa, with the participation of the youth of all races and creeds.